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Year of the Nationalists, Part 1: Prelude to Crisis

The 1950s was a difficult decade for Bahrain. Many Bahrainis were tiring of their government, ruled as they had been for 30 years by the tireless and authoritarian Charles Belgrave. The decade saw the rise of a nationalist movement, galvanised … Continue reading

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“They Wanted Me Dead.” The Trials of a Tortured Doctor

In March 2011, Bahrain faced a humanitarian crisis when the largest public hospital came under military control. Tens of doctors and hospital staff were detained and tortured in the gravest humanitarian crisis of the 2011 uprising. Dr Nader Dawani is … Continue reading

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Review: After the Sheikhs, Christopher Davidson

Christopher Davidson does not shy from controversy. “Most of these regimes – at least in their present form – will be gone within the next two to five years” he contends on the very first page. A bold statement to … Continue reading

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British Parliamentary Committee meets Bahrain activists

The British parliamentary foreign affairs committee met with Bahraini activists to discuss the relationship of the two countries. The committee questioned whether Britain has done enough as a friend of Bahrain to help move reform along or not. Ali Al-Aswad, … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Goodbye Pax Britannica and Onwards to Independence

He looked very unhappy, and so did Sheikh Khalifa bin Selman: indeed the latter almost manoeuvred me into advising the Bahrainis not to be so rash. But Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak held the others to their decision; and after more … Continue reading

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Parliamentary Committee on British relations with Saudi and Bahrain held

The UK Foreign Affairs Committee met today (14 May 2013) with Bahraini activists Maryam Al-Khawaja (Bahrain Centre for Human Rights), Ali Al-Aswad (Al Wefaq representative) and Sir Nigel Rodley (participant lawyer involved in the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry). Representatives … Continue reading

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British military to deploy in Arab Gulf states

A report by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), published April 28, has laid bare the renewed British military interests in the Gulf. It states that the UK intends to build a small but ‘smart’ presence in region with military … Continue reading

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King Hamad talks the British-Bahraini relationship [ENGLISH]

A speech held after horse races in England on Sunday 12 May which King Hamad was present for. It’s an interesting talk harkening back to the long relationship Bahrain and Britain have enjoyed. Propaganda, surely, but an interesting speech. Certainly, … Continue reading

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Week’s Briefing 13 May 2013

Al-Wefaq Participates in London Conference Source: Note: The conference, held by the Next Century Foundation, was set to include many pro-state and state-official panellists including a few members of the royal family. A campaign against it in the Bahraini paper … Continue reading

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Statement of Purpose

This blog is a place for my thoughts and a place from which I hope to share Bahrain and the surrounding region with readers. To that end, I’m writing this statement for those curious of what’s to come and for … Continue reading

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