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I didn’t intend it to be this long. I started the blog in May and just as I was getting into it, was hit by the pressure of the last weeks of university. When I was freed up, I wanted to jump straight in with something I had the material for, and I have a wealth of notes on 1956. It seemed natural to write the story and I thought I could fit it all into a single post at the time. Then I realised that I couldn’t talk about 1956 at all until I covered 1952-through-55, and one post became two, then three – it finally ended at five, but a sixth did threaten to be written.

It’s been interesting to write in ways in which I did not expect in the first week of June, when I mashed the first one out – perhaps that’s why I feel compelled to write this post script. The first post was clunky and not my best work: stick in quotes, prop them up with exposition and call it a day. From Part 2 onwards, the narrative starts to take a much more natural feel, no doubt helped by the fact that I had more contemporary sources to draw on now as well as the influence of Marc Morris, whose The Norman Conquest I was reading at the time. Part 3’s narrative came just as easily, but it was there that I reached a hitch. Once the story got to November 1956, I was stuck for information. It took me a month to go back to the archives and satisfy myself that the story was not available there – a story which in itself is interesting in its own right.

And now, with Part 5 it comes to a satisfactory close – all the more so as I managed to tie it back to the beginning of Part 1. My writing style and ability has developed more than I would have guessed it would, as has my understanding of planning. I certainly don’t intend to write another muti-part series again without making sure I’ve got all the necessary information beforehand first.

With all that said, it’s time to start planning out the next blog.


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